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Meet the Designer – Rosie Elizabeth Cook of Rosie Cook Printed Textiles


What are your greatest achievements so far , what a re you particularly proud?

So far, exhibiting at New Designers One Year On has been my greatest achievement and was a great chance to meet lots of inspiring and talented people. When I graduated in 2013, I wanted to develop a product that would best show off my large scale collages so I designed my first collection of Silk Scarves and launched them at One Year On where they were very well received. I have recently had a selection stocked in the contemporary Oriel Myrddin Gallery in  West  Wales  and  I’m in the process of stocking with other retailers alongside selling through my own website and Etsy. Through One Year On, I’ve also had the chance to design a collection of cushions and other home textiles for which will launch next year.


How would you describe your work?

My work is colourful, happy and spontaneous and the style has developed through my love of colour and pattern. I like to explore the relationship between form and colour throughout my work, designing unusual and abstract compositions. I paint my own papers with gouache and inks, painting flat blocks of colour, mark making and creating textures and once I have collected a heap of interesting papers, I begin collaging before digitally manipulating ready to print onto fabric.


When do you work best, are you up with the lark or a night owl?

I like to get in the studio at every opportunity but I work best early. My computer is at home so I get the best part of the work done at the studio before taking it home to scan and Photoshop. I use the evening to catch up with emails and to think about the next stage of whatever  it  is  that  I’m  working  on.

Describe your work space?

I am currently working in a lovely big room above where I work part  time.  It’s  got  two huge sash windows so lots of natural light and lovely leafy views overlooking the  garden.  At  the  far  end  I’ve  got  my  desk  with  all  my  paints  and  papers.  This  is  where  I  do  most  of  my  sketch  book  and  development  work.  I’ve  got  a  good  pile  of  art  books  to  inspire me as well as my research wall which is a constant mood board in progress at the other end of the studio. I love having the space to pin everything up and work big!


What do you do to overcome designers block?

I always find it helps to have a good clear of my desk and set myself a quick, fun brief to get the ideas flowing. Scribbling and doodling helps to ease me back into a project if  I’ve  been  stuck,  generating  work  generally  helps  overcome  anything!


Where did your love for design originally develop from?

I’ve always enjoyed art and remember going to summer workshops where we would all work together to make big willow and painted paper sculptures. I loved being creative and knew I wanted to be able to create art for a living. I went straight from school to college where I studied Fashion and Textile design. It was during this course that I first had a go at screen printing and I was hooked! I wanted to learn more so I applied for the Surface Pattern Design course at Swansea Metropolitan University, graduating last year and since then everything’s started to take off.

What is it that draws you to work with textiles design and what benefits to your process does Digital Printing bring?

I love digital printing! It allows so much freedom creatively. The process I work with (collage, painting and using lots of colour!) can be tricky to traditionally print and working digitally allows time to develop my designs without needing the space and facilities to traditional print. It can be a long journey from paper to screen to cloth and there’s nothing quite like getting your designs back from the printers!

Your home is on fire, assuming your family, pets & computer/phone are safe, what is the one thing you save from the blaze?

It’s a close call between my bike and my Welsh blanket, but the blanket it is! I love the weight and warmth of it not to mention the amazing colours and patterns. It’s been around since the 1920’s and is a beautiful piece of Welsh history.


In terms of procrastination, what are you doing, when you should be doing something else?

Pinterest is deadly when it comes to procrastination!

Food & drink: We like our food!

It’s been a long week, what’s in your glass (or mug) on a Friday night?

Definitely a cold bottle of Crabbies.

You have clients coming round, do you bake or buy in the treats to go with your tea/coffee, what are they and why?

I don’t bake very often but when I do it has to be a Dorset apple cake.  It never last very long once out of the oven!

Music: What’s on your Studio Playlist?

Physical Track: The track that gets you up dancing or tapping your feet without fail.

Sugar Water- Prince Fatty and Hollie Cook- Mungo’s hifi mix

Inheritance Track: A track that you inherited from your parents or significant person in your childhood and who did you inherit it from?

Anything  by  Neil  Young  especially  ‘Ambulance  Blues’  from  his  ‘On  the beach’ album. I still play my dad’s original record of it.

Emotional Track: The track that calms you down or gets you through when you’re just having one of those days.

Don’t wake me up by Lianne La Havas.

Album: What’s your album of the moment, who’s on repeat for you right now?

AM- Arctic Monkeys

Advice: A few pearls of wisdom here.

What is the best advice, you’ve ever been given?

My University tutor encouraged the importance to follow every opportunity and especially to enter competitions. This advice has opened many doors for me and seeing my work exhibited at big shows and exhibitions, before and after graduating has given me the confidence to keep pursuing my career.

If you were starting out again now, what advice would you give your younger self?

To believe in yourself and have the confidence to do your own creative thing. Others can help, but only you can put the work in, so work hard and enjoy it!

We like to hear about new and up and coming designer and artists, can you recommend someone new (or new to you) a ‘one to watch’ that you think is doing great/interesting/admirable things, that we should know about, and why do you like their work?

I recently discovered via Pinterest the beautiful illustrations of Natasha Durley. The colours, textures, themes…every piece of her work is gorgeous.

And lastly, whose words inspire you, a quote to live life by?

I adore Matisse’s cut outs and was really inspired by the recent exhibition at the Tate. A good quote to live by, said by Matisse himself would be that “creativity takes courage”.

If you want to find out more about Rosie you can find her in all these lovely places too:

Website : Blog : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Pinterest : Etsy


2 thoughts on “Meet the Designer – Rosie Elizabeth Cook of Rosie Cook Printed Textiles”

  1. You are so right! Its such happy and confident work. I cant wait to see more.

    I love Matisse too and unexpectedly came across some huge cut outs of his in the Vatican Museum in Rome this month. Very inspiring.

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